Lonzo Ball was shooting better in the NBA, but then Lonzo started shooting horribly. Now, Lonzo is changing his shot for the NBA, but why? And does Lonzo Ball’s new jumpshot actually help for 3? Midrange?

Lonzo Ball was putting up brick after brick after it seemed like he figured out what type of shots to take in the NBA. Now Lonzo’s doing something different, he’s changing his shot.

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Today I wanna talk about Why Lonzo Ball is changing his shot in the NBA. Y’all seem to like seeing things about Lonzo’s unique shot and keep hitting me up on insta about Lonzo so let me know in the comments whether Lonzo should change his shot completely or should he keep his old shot. Alright, let’s get into it.

Just three weeks ago I made a video on Why Lonzo Ball Is Shooting Better and it looked to me like he was figuring out his spots and what type of shots to take. Then he had this stretch of games where he was just trash. I mean, he hit the side of the backboard with a 3. He went back to taking rushed shots and taking shots out of rhythm. Lonzo was also terrible at one other thing, midrange jumpshots. He never particularly chose to shoot midrange jumpers because his shot form just didn’t work well. It seemed as if his form didn’t allow him to aim properly without having set feet. Without a midrange threat, defenders could sort of drop down once Lonzo Ball came off a pick because either he was driving to the paint or passing. He’s not doing anything else.

Then out of nowhere Lonzo Ball was unleashed against the Pistons in Lonzo Ball fashion with 15 points. And it’s pretty sad that Lakers fans have to get excited when their number 2 pick in the draft score 15 points. He also had 11 assists. He shot 7 of 8 from the field but the way he got those points surprised me. Apart from layups and dunks, Lonzo hit a couple of midrange shots. He hit a rare two hand floater in the lane which he shot from the right side. Then he put a player on skates and his a one legged midrange shot from slightly to the left of his head, but noy all the way to the left like he normally does. And the shot was nothing but net. Then he banked it midrange jumper with ease off of a pick and once again he shot with the ball a little more out and slightly to the left. And finally he hit another midrange shot from off a pick and this shot was released from right in front of his head and dare I say, looked normal? But these cases are anything but normal because they stand out with dope designs so check out athletic cases in the description. Lonzo ain’t big baller enough to have his own case, yet.

His three point shot was still normal, but Lonzo is changing his shot from the midrange so that he could release the ball quicker and off the pick and roll. By bringing the ball towards the middle, he doesn’t have to bring the ball all the way to the left to shoot and shaves seconds off the whole process. He also can have better control off pick and roll situations because the ball isn’t moving as much and he can use his follow through to guide the ball from midrange. If Lonzo keeps this up, I feel as if he could change his form for the 3 point line and be more of a consistent threat since he won’t need as much time setting up his shot. He can also make defenders step up on him and create more opportunities for others which allow his great passing to show up. And that’s why Lonzo Ball is changing his shot. But what do you think? Is it about time that he change his shot? Should he keep using the old shot? Let me know in the comments down below.

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