The Basketball Scout Handbook is Available Now

Basketball is a game played by people, not robots. You can’t be a consistently exceptional scout if you have a poor understanding of player psychology, your own psychology, group psychology, anthropology, bio-mechanics, and basic neuroscience.

I’ve simplified the knowledge needed in this 29 page Basketball Scout Handbook. This handbook covers 38 of the most common scouting mistakes. Get a firm handle on all 38 and you’ll most likely be a consistently better scout than the lower 95% of basketball minds among fans, journalists, draft “experts”, scouts, GMs, and NBA owners. You’ll have a better understanding of how they think than they do themselves, and you’ll be able to see many draft busts coming a mile away.

When your only tool is a calculator, everything looks like a number.

Add the tools you need to build a superior scouting track record with The Basketball Scout Handbook.